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Explain digadz revolution in the world of PTC

digadz revolution in the world of PTC profit of pressure ads

- Several means profit
- Investment on how long
- You may start racing in free membership and can profit from members with free membership of the team
- Everyone wins in the site
- Product: buy an ad package bundle ad for $ 1 is obtained from which 50 real visitors to your site Acharri 100 different kind of form of advertising packages +1500 very important point at the site because the points are the rule, which is based on the site
Explain the concept of points:
- All gathered more points you win more money
1 point = 0.001 dollars
US $ 1 = 1000 points
But Shahu 1 bundle ad buy for $ 1 win 1500 points and 1000 points not mean we won 500 points, won the meaning of $ 0.5
--1 500 points go the point balance when we buy 1 bundle ad and when we win of $ 1.5 pressure on ads in 1500 will be deducted a point from the point balance because the $ 1.5 = 1500 points and the end result is that we started with $ 1 and we went out for $ 1.5 in profit and this is the basic concept of the points
How to win money from this Alndham?
Alndham is paid to click PTC but for losing a sophisticated and completely different from the rest of the companies in ptc
You may start racing free membership and start collecting points by clicking on the advertising value ads
Then about points into dollars
- Whenever owns more points will enter a certain level and there are 11 level
Level 1 = points from 800 to 4500 points
Level 2 points = 4,500 to 10,500 points
Level = 3 points from 10,500 to 22,500 points
Etc. of levels
Everything you buy several bundle ads rose in all levels
For example, if you bought 1 bundle ad get 1,500 points, then you are in the first level
If I bought a 5 bundle ads get the largest number of points Vtagafz to the second level, etc.
The goal of levels is higher in levels whenever I received a high price for the ads that higher levels will be in the number who are in the top few levels and thus share a small group profits in the opposite levels will be the first big number
(There will be a table at the site explains the levels member area - faq)
You can collect points from your earnings also
The site's founder works to make the site will continue for years
What should you do is press the VALUE ADS day to make money
You can profit from others without an invitation, but if there are others I called Ndham profit for the assignment:
- You get 10 percent of your team when someone buys BUNDLE ADS
For example, if you bought for $ 100 BUNDLE ADS is obtained to $ 10
- You get 05 percent of advertising ADS which presses upon the person of your team and it takes 95 percent
Example: There is someone from your team in the ninth level in any very Mrnga of the value of advertising level and get, for example, today to announce $ 100 dollars obtained at 95 and you have to generate US $ 5
Can choose buy BUNDLE ADS and amplify your account and / or benefit from the commission team strategy or both. This is by choice
Explain DIG property
To assemble the largest number of points put pressure on the DIG POINTS
Each AD give you 12 points and you have 20 ADS max per day
We get to the DIG BONUSE must press on 10 ADS and then click on the DIG BOUNSES will have ten chances to find the money from advertising, and the bonus points will go to your account the next day
DIG VALUE: very important property
To take advantage of sharing the daily profits through advertising lucrative VALUE AD and these profits depend on the size and the money rolling demand and the level at which the number of points where we are,
To take advantage of DIG VALUE pull the DIG VALUE and you'll find the next day in your account
What distinguishes the site DIGADZ he is different from the rest of PTC sites is a breakthrough in the world of profit from advertising
New features on the site DIGADZ and non-existent in the rest of the sites:
1. You can upgrade your account to DIGGER account for $ 0.05 for a period of seven days and benefit the following:
Takes advantage of this feature, especially members of a free membership Sathsalon on several profitable ads MINI VALUE ADS turnoff for them and collect points and also help you if you forget clicking on ads because it has the suspended certain specific and specific amount
- If I win more than 0.05 in the period of time 7 days Fterqah your account will expire and you must re-purchase upgrade your account but if I win less than 0.05 during the period of 7 days will automatically extend your subscription for another seven days for free and then you will not lose anything if I win more than 0.05 will renew your subscription and vice versa will extend your subscription
2. upgrade to account for HUNTER "" very important and new ""
$ 3 price is valid for 7 days
Each registered on the site, even if it was not your team buys BUNDLE AD 1 to $ 55 One in 1 percent of all profits are distributed to the site Altsalin the Order HUNTER
The same thing also here if I win more than $ 3 must renew your subscription to profit more if I win less extend Subscribe for free
3. upgrade to calculate HUNTER PRO
Price $ 21 for 7 days
The same thing every registered on the site buys BUNDLE ADS price of more than $ 56 will be distributed 1 percent of BUNDLE ADS dividends to the participants in the HUNTERPRO and of course there will be a small number of subscribers and Batalli many dividends
The same thing if you win more than $ 21 must renew their subscription to gain more or will extend automatically for seven days
You may upgrade to calculate HUNTER HUNTER PRO and at the same time and win them Monday
To take advantage of the upgrade must press the UPGRADE
This is just the beginning of the Mof and there are other advantages will Tdahr later on-site registration link: 
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